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Kingsville staff spotlight

Rachel Wallace

15th year in Kingsville and overall! I love to read mysteries and true crime. I have two German Shorthaired pointers that I love dearly. Now that we're empty nesters we plan on spending more time at the lake with family and friends. I am so excited to start this year. GO TIGERS!!

- Rachel Wallace, HS Principal & SPED Director

Karlie Cedarquist

2nd year at Kingsville, 4th year overall! I feel so lucky to be working in Kingsville! Admin, staff, parents, and students have all been so accepting and supportive of me during my first year!

- Karlie Cederquist, Counselor

Julie Stout

2.5 years in current position, 18 years as a Kingsville School Board Member! Scorekeeper for athletic teams, like to read, quilt, play piano and organ.

- Julie Stout, Administrative Assistant

Angie Nichols

10th year at Kingsville, 14th year in education!

- Angie Nichols, Technology Director & MOSIS Coordinator

Anna Wright

3rd year at Kingsville, 9th year in nursing! My passion in nursing has always been children! I began my career as a burn nurse, then urgent care and then to diabetes education for a bit. I have 2 sweet girls. Lillian 6 and Evelyn 3 months! I can play the violin and love to sing karaoke!

- Anna Wright, Nurse