Kingsville R-I Family,

When inclement weather is upon us we will send Chromebooks home with all K-12 students when they leave school.  If we do decide that the conditions call for us to stay home for the day, we will have an AMI Day, in which all students would complete work virtually for the day on their Chromebooks and Google Classrooms.  Our teachers have instructed all students how to access the work and included instructions on how to complete it.  If you do not have internet access at home to use the full features of Google Classroom, there will still be work to do that has been downloaded onto the Chromebook to access offline.  

If we do decide that we will have an AMI day, we will make the announcement by our website app, Facebook, Twitter, and news stations. We will contact you via phone number through SIS. 

Having an AMI day rather than just cancelling school as a Snow Day will allow us to not have to make up the day later this school year.  If the forecast shows an upcoming chance of inclement weather, we will send Chromebooks home the day before.  If we do not send them home to prepare for a possible AMI day and severe weather hits, we will just cancel school for the day and make that day up later.  It is imperative that if we were to have an AMI day that the student accesses the work and completes assignments, for all of their classes.  These will go toward their grade for their classes, as well as for attendance purposes.  If they do not complete any work, offline or online, they will be marked as absent for that day.  

Thank you for your understanding! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Amanda Schoenherr @ or Rachel Wallace @